Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Salad Sandwich

We love salads around here, we have one for Lunch and Dinner, usually everyday.
We recently participated in the local food co-op, Bountiful Baskets, and we received a ton of delicious produce for a great price! One thing we were so abundantly given were Avacados. Yum.

We love Avacados for a few different reasons.
1st. Who (besides my unusual, but wonderful husband) can really get enough of that buttery creamy flavor?
2nd. They are full of the "Good" fats that we are supposed to be getting 3 tbs. of each day.
3rd. They are specifically good for the reproductive system and they support the brain tissue with their healthy fats. (women you should be eating these everyday)
4th, ...............really who can get enough of the buttery creamy flavor?
+ they are a tropical fruit, so I am thinking they get lots of vitamin D, so they are a good source for that too!

So today, I wanted a sandwich. I usually don't have Jelly sandwiches, but for Christmas my sweet cousin gave us some homemade grape jelly, so I wanted to give the kids Jelly sandwiches for lunch. I however wanted a little more than Jelly on my sandwich, so for me instead, I came up with the idea of a Salad Sandwich!
We don't use mayonnaise here at the house either, but we have some ranch dressing, so I layed out two pieces of 9 grain bread (also from the food co-op, I got 5 loaves for $10, so another reason for wanting to use bread for lunch), and I put a little ranch on them. Then I loaded it with lettuce and salad ingredients, paprika, pickles, avacado, and a tomato. It was heavenly! In fact my husband had said he didn't want one at first, but then when he saw mine, he decided he would have one too:)

Two pieces of bread
ranch or honey mustard dressing
sliced green olives
sliced avacado
sliced pickles
sliced tomatoe
sprinkle of paprika
sprinkle of salt
sprinkle of pepper

Recipe for honey mustard dressing:
equal parts
olive oil
add more oil to make runnier

I should have taken a picture of my sandwich, but I plan on making it again soon, so I will post one soon!

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