Monday, February 14, 2011

My husband is crafty.......and so very sweet!

So in my last post I mentioned how my husband always outdoes me when it comes to gifts. And its not because we are trying to have a contest or anything, he just naturally has sweet thoughts and ideas, and I am always just in awe with what he does for me for valentines day. I am pretty sure he gets that trait from his sweet mommy, but nonetheless he makes me feel like gold. I love him so much! I wanted to share a little bit about the card he wrote me too.....
He told me that even though its hard in this busy world to talk, listen, and hold each other, that he is glad we have each other for forever so he can always show me how much his love for me still grows. Thus the chocolate strawberry roses. :) Melted my heart :)

Dear husband you are so sweet and thoughtful, and that is what I love about you the most!

Here are some other things my heart has been tenderized with :)
Your soft sweet eyes, and face. They melt me
your ability to make me feel loved everyday, even when days are rough
Your love for our little girls
I love the way you laugh, especially at t.v. shows or commercials. You can find the humor in all things and it makes everyone else around you happy too.
You have a natural ability to make friends, and people think you are adorable(so do I)
I love that you support me in my thoughts and ideas and you let me treat you and our family with herbs and essential oils instead of modern medicine, and you inspire me to keep going with the healthy way of life. :)
You let me be the mom I want to be
I love that you have taken on two jobs to support us, I know its not easy, but you keep pluggin a long and you are on top of your responsibilities. It encourages me to try harder too.
I love that you take care of your body, and you have one of a kind blood pressure:) and health from jogging your whole life:) You appreciate your body, and it appreciates you.
I love that you take the kids on jogs and encourage them.
I love that you went and bought Adria a soccor ball and cones, to practice with her before her first game, and that you want to be to everything that the kids do.
I love that you participate in the kids nightly routine every night, and that you have read to the girls every night since our oldest was born, I know our kids will be forever close to you because of that.  It comes natural to you to be cute with them, and you are soooooooo cute with them. :)
I love that you have a personal calendar that you check every morning, and you follow through with your plans for the day. I love your lists and your schedules. :)
I love that I can ask anything of you and you are right there with me to figure it all out.
I love that you encouraged hypnobabies and a natural delivery with our little baby. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive husband during that time, and you still are.
I love that the gospel is important to you, and that you do what you are asked to do without complaining, I know heavenly father knows that about you, and trusts you with each calling he gives you. I think your new calling is absolutely perfect, and that the cub scouts will benefit so much with you being their friend.
I love that everything that is important in life is your passion, it shows and we all know who you are because of it.
I could go on and on, and I love that too :)
My love, my best friend, my companion, You are Amazing :)
Happy Valentines Day! I am super excited for our date tonight!!!
Love you!
Your wife :)

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