Wednesday, August 31, 2011

creative play with our food-my husbands food

I made some rice with Teriyaki sauce in it, and we were supposed to put it together like Hawaiian haystacks. Well my husband had a different idea, then my daughter did too, and then my baby.
First my husband thought the cherry tomatoes looked like frog eyes, so he shaped his pile of rice into a frog head and put the tomatoes on, but then it started to take the shape of a bird's nest. The cherry tomatoes were then bird eggs. The chow mien noodles were an awesome addition to the nest, and even better we were eating spinach for our salad, so they added nicely to the effect of the nest being in a tree. All we needed was a mother bird. could the peices of meat play a part in this?
Now, for the morbid part. I thought it was morbid anyway.....
I was totally grossed out about having the chicken for dinner, I cannot stand to touch raw meat, I just. don't . deal well with it. I did it for my husband and kids though, so they wont say they were deprived.....I bought a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store to carve, use some of the meat for dinner and save the rest for another night. I was having a hard time cutting out the chicken, and I was safely going for all the white meat in the easiest part to cut, the chest.
My husband decided to help me, and he ended up plucking all the bones, the legs, wings and tummy(bleh) of their substance and getting all the veinee, cartilagee parts too. I was nauseous. I don't know why I have become such a pansy about dead animals in my kitchen. Its sad. I was feeling really bad for this poor mutilated chicken, and chose not to have any for dinner, haha
So can tell what the chicken ended up being?
Yep, a mother bird.
I don't know how my husband got the pieces to look like a skinned mommy bird so well.It even has a wing and a beak it looks like. It was even more hilarious when my daughter decided she needed her food to be a birds nest as well, and then wouldn't eat it, because she was "emotionally" attached to it.  

I am glad we can have so much fun together at the dinner table, that is what it is all about right?

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