Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Headbands made from Scratch

I wanted something original and new for my girls, so I came up with these headbands. They are pretty simple, a little time consuming, but they are super cute on their heads, and fun and worth it. I am just getting their idea started, but I think there will be a few different ways of doing them to get a bigger variety of the idea. :) I like variety........

The funnest part about them, is you can custom make them to your kids outfits :)

And they are thin enough you can wear them on the top or bottom of your hair. The wire in them also makes them so they are very light, and they wont make indents on your poor kids heads, and they don't create headaches :)

Recipe: string tied into friendship nots around craft wire, and then shaped into flower and headband :)

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