Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chili crackers made with Quinoa

My taste testers modeled their snacks for me :)
So I was a little disappointed with the chili crackers I previously posted about, because the rice cooked a little hard and was a little to grainy for my teeth. So I went to the health food store Shirlyns, and found some rice flour, and Quinoa flower! The Quinoa flower is wheat/gluten free. Now, I am not very familiar with cooking gluten free, but my amazing cousin over at is a master at it, and she is so inspiring with her recipes! It makes me want to cook gluten free, just because its healthy, and its becoming necessary to a lot people now-a-days. :)
So I decided to try the crackers with the Quinoa flower. Success! My husband loved them so much, he made me take home a handful for himself from my parents house. The next day, he kept commenting on how they tasted like cheezits without the cheese and other chemicals you would find in the store bought ones. Best of all, my cute little nephew who is allergic to wheat could have them. They are just Qiunoa flower, almonds blended with olive oil, and a few spices and salt.
Again, the best way to go about these is to sprout the almonds and Quinoa first to get the ultimate nutritional value out of them :)
So cool! I just thought I would update on that :)

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