Monday, March 28, 2011

buttery coconut chocolate things

I have no idea where this idea appeared in my brain from, except that they are a lot like the yummy candy "Almond Joys". If you like those candies, you are sure to like these. I have been meaning to make peppermint patties and my own version of Girl Scout Samoa cookies, and I have all the ingredients, just not the time to make them yet. 

This recipe literally only took me 5 minutes....

I really do have a bad side to my eating habits. lol
I usually focus on eating healthy, major salads, and fruit, and steamed veggies, but every once in a while I will get a sweet craving, and for some unknown reason I always have the ingredients on hand to make something taste bud satisfying worthy :)

My cute new almost sister law even said to me over the weekend "So J.T. says you used to have a real sweet tooth" or something like that. That's right, I couldn't deny it, and I had to sheepishly tell her I still do! I just try really really hard to ingnore it. hehe
 Ya know when I think about it though, its in my genes......after all my mother and my grandmother claim to be made out of chocolate and butter, and so, its inevitable that a major case in the descendant line has to show up somewhere. :) (not to mention J.T. is the same way). 

These treats remind me of the birds nests you can make for Easter, only you would use Jelly beans or Jordan almonds

So, I was sitting here thinking, I really want to make a treat out of what I have, so I went in the kitchen and my hands started just putting things together. I had a 1/2 bag of chocolate chips... (The other half had been munched on earlier in the day) and a  bag of sweetened coconut. I started melting the chocolate in a frying pan on low heat.........

I added about a tsp. of butter, and a tbs of caro syrup. You don't need very much. I may have put to much butter in, in fact next time I am thinking of just putting butter flavor in.

Add 1/2 of the coconut

and mix until it looks like the picture above :)

spoon the mixture onto wax paper and plop the almond on top

put the wax paper and treats on a plate and shove em in the freezer for however long it takes for them to become cold and solid :)

then sprinkle the yummy pearls on the cookies to make them festive for easter :)

These are the pearls I used. I found them at Target actually in the food section by their cake mixes and stuff. I thought they were pretty :)

Make sure you save some treats for your hubby when he gets home from work, because they go fast!

Another way to do this would be to toast the coconut in the butter in the frying pan before adding the chocolate :)